KSS Productions & Entertainment

KSS Productions & Entertainment, as content creators are liberate, irrespective of the formats, methods or channels of distribution. Our effort is not only to entertain by creating desirable content but also to inspire the viewers’ imagination and expand their range of reality. We are driven to deliver originality, quality and vivid detail, because at heart we are storytellers. All of our content’s core comprises of combining strong narrative with high production value, which allows us to bring forth the best version of the content. Our passionate in-house team of storytellers examine the ideas with a fine comb and free-flowing creativity which enables us to develop it into a script that allows us to provide compelling audio-visual experience to the viewers.

Kan Singh Sodha

The process of making films, from ideating ideas to directing has been a source of immense satisfaction for Kan Singh Sodha. It is also a challenge for him to don the creative hat as well as produce a film that adds value to the viewers' lives. This passion and interest drove him to give a professional direction to his endeavours and create KSS Productions & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Film-making is now his passionate journey of creativity, with the focus always on anything and everything to do with films.

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